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Of course! We carry a minimum general liability policy of 1.5 Million. We are happy to provide a copy of our policy upon request.

Yes! We only use LED bulbs on all of our installs. LED bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs because they use less energy, last longer, and don’t produce as much heat. This means that they save you money on your energy bill, last longer so you don’t have to replace them as often, and are safer to use since they don’t get as hot.

We offer a full 3 year warranty on all new installs!

While problems don’t happen often, if they do, then one of our installers will come out within 48 hours to get the lights fixed!

Unfortunately, we can’t install your own lights simply because we cannot validate the quality nor can we warranty them. The only exception would be if your lights were installed by us in the past (which would fall under our three year warranty).

In most cases, we do not need the home owner to be home during the install or take down. sometimes we need to access the backyard or garage which would require the home owner to be present.

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